Reasons to Choose Us

At the heart of everything we do is our belief in Putting People First. It’s what drives our culture, both in terms of how we treat each other within our walls and how we work with partners, providers, and communities across the country. Every day, each person is encouraged to Make a Difference.


We know the industry because we created it.

We’ve built a reputation of quality and professionalism over our 20-year history. Each recruiter is dedicated to a specialty, which helps us quickly assess your needs, whether you’re a provider or a facility, and find the best fit.

Here are some benefits that set us apart

Benefits for doctors

All of our services are entirely FREE of charge to doctors

Variety of jobs

  • Access to our vast, nationwide client network.
  • Widest choice of medical jobs in India and Abroad available, including many unadvertised positions
  • Thousands of short- and long-term jobs across virtually every specialty
  • Temporary and permanent staffing of physicians, Consultants, medical professionals, and other healthcare positions .

Support at every step

  • Experienced staff with the ability to provide you with the best opportunities available to practice medicine in India and Abroad.
  • Highly trained, dedicated and specialty specific recruitment consultants available to answer all of your queries.
  • Access to highly skilled customer service specialists that are available from day one to assist through the entire process.
  • Many years of experience and expertise in organizing your medical registration and work visa quickly and efficiently, with a dedicated Medical Credentialing Specialist

Whilst we don't want to try and convince you that doing everything by yourself is totally impossible, we strongly recommend letting CHC take the hardest parts out of your hands. What have you got to lose?

Benefits for Clients

As a comprehensive Medical staffing agency, we also help facilities find quality candidates. See how we can support your staffing efforts

  • Better Understanding Of The Healthcare Market.
  • Focus Towards Your Business Growth.
  • Unique Solutions To The Unique Needs Of The Organization.
  • Accessibility To The Varied Sources For Business Need At A Common Place.
  • Unique Blend Of The Team.
  • Feeds From Government, Corporate, Private And Charitable Institutions.