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CHC Group is a recruitment agency providing staff to the Nursing, Medical, Psychiatry and Education markets.

Our recruitment consultants specialise in niche areas so they fully understand the market and the needs of both our candidates and clients.

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Recruitment is a defining activity for both, companies as well as, candidates. For companies, it sets the pace and creates the operational horsepower for growth. For individuals, it defines the quality of life. CHC India, a specialist in recruitment services, provides tailor-made recruitment solutions across Medical segment, with a branch network across Indian cities, Thorough research and accurate mapping of interests of both our clients as well as our candidates, is what sets us apart. As a corporate partner to clients, we source professionals with high intellectual capabilities to help enhance the client’s human capital on one hand, and on the other, we help individuals optimise their career choices.


We understand that permanent requirements requires both the candidate and client to match technically and culturally. Our successful recruiting process allows for this prefect match. Our staffing solutions process involves

  • Sourcing & Screening resumes for identifying the right candidates.
  • Conducting technical and aptitude tests.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Salary fitment.
  • HR discussion / Offer Negotiation.
  • Offer roll-out & post offer follow up.


Whether you are in the market for a specific skill set for a project, or have a skill/qualification specialization that lends itself to fixed term projects, CHC has the contacts to find the right match for you. It is in these circumstance that a contractor model may best fit your need to allow you the capability and resource without the ongoing commitment to the ongoing overhead of full time staff, or in the case of the contractor, to a permanent job role.

Save you time and money - By outsourcing your project staffing to us, you don’t need to worry about conducting research, interviews or background checks. We’ve got it covered.

Reduce your time-to-hire - We meet challenging deadlines to ensure that you have the project workforce you need on time and on budget.

Mobilise and support - Once we have found the ideal people for your project, we can take care of every detail including arranging visas and work permits, mobilising the candidates, arranging accommodation and operating a fully compliant local payroll with payments in the local currency.

Tailor the solution - We work with you throughout the project to fully understand your challenge and offer the optimum solution. This can include working from your offices, managing the recruitment process, offering consultancy and producing strategic hiring plans and progress reports.

Guarantee our services - We offer a range of guarantees with financial consequences to us if we don’t deliver.


CHC Medicruiting can be valuable to anyone open to entertaining a dynamic career opportunity. Our experience, our research, our industry knowledge, and our careful and consultative approach all work to ensure the best possible fit between our candidates and the companies we serve.

We provide trusted, candid and discrete service to every one of our candidates by truly listening and responding to your needs. Hiring decisions impact people, families and careers. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement for our candidates.

We are interested in more than just a placement. We are interested in your career of progressive success. As such, you will be treated with courtesy and acumen at every point in our relationship with you.

This is an ongoing recruitment & placement activity to client organisations. With qualified recruitment consultants spread across the country, We have access to a wide range of top talents, including the hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively looking for a job. We search for candidates, screen the CVs, conduct interviews and assessments. We are committed to finding the right people for the client’s business and will only propose candidates who have passed our in-depth screening process to ensure a perfect fit. We support.our associates in ensuring that they reach their career goals, guiding them in selecting the right role for their skills and aspirations.


Strategic talent acquisition is one of the most important core functions to ensure the future success of your company. The process on it’s own is a complex one, but what happens when you also have to move into not just new markets, but new countries with new cultures?

our job is to accurately represent your company when recruiting any potential new employees, including recent graduates.

We offer full or partial management of your college recruitment efforts, identifying ideal candidate profiles and engaging students and colleges with on-going communication. We provide full tracking for all communications and progress with a customized reporting package established for your specific program. Our unique methodology ensures the highest levels of student and college engagement and targeted recruitment for your specific needs.